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Leaf Screen Leaf Guard

The only Gutter Protection system endorsed by Mike Holmes, this Canadian made product is an all aluminum product using heavy guage aluminum stock. It is available at AMA in 6 foot lengths in Mill Finish suitable for any colour eavestrough. Available in 4", 5", and 6" versions.   

This is a quick and easy installation designed to keep debris out of your eavestroughs while directing water into the trough. It will increase the rigidity of your trough assembly. Saving you money and keeping you safe from heights, you won't have to clean your eavestroughs out as in the past.

Also made in Canada, this product is available in both a retrofit (existing gutter) and new install version. This series is the heavier professional grade product not available in retail stores.

Made of heavy guage aluminum, it won't rust and it will strengthen your trough system. It is quick and easy to install by homeowners and contractors alike. Keeping debris out of your gutter for years to come, it comes with a clog free warranty.
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