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Ideal Roofing

Ideal Roofing is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing and siding, steel building products, steel decking, steel roofing shingles, steel roofing tiles, metal roof and siding trims and flashings. Thus Ideal Roofing offers a building envelope for virtually any kind of building, either agricultural, commercial, industrial, institutional or residential. We carry Flat metal roof supplies or steel roofing shingles, tiles and flashings.
We carry a comprehensive selection of gauges, coils widths and profiles, each designed for specified applications. In addition, we offer over 30 colours of pre-painted galvanized steel so your project can be coordinated according to your tastes.

Please visit the ideal metal roofing website for some great ideas. At AMA Roofing supplies we are happy to answer your questions and place your metal roofing order, and deliver it to your location of choice. 

Metal roofs are not only long lasting, but are available in a variety of colours and applications from residential, industrial, agricultural and commercial metal roofs.
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